(Some scripted shows and special events do not include a dinner service, and are priced accordingly.)


Your dining experience begins with homemade chips and delicious salsa, to munch on while you read the room’s other inhabitants for clues and inconsistencies, anticipating that something nefarious may happen at any time.


Dinner is served. The main course arrives! The list of potential suspects grows. Watch for clues and pay close attention, “detective”. You’re on the case!

Dessert (Optional)

Sweet toothes and sharp knives. It’s time for dessert! For an additional charge, the restaurant graciously provides cheesecake for those that desire an additional boost of luxurious sugary energy while in pursuit of the MURDERER.

The case heats up and the KILLER is on the move! There may be more BODIES before the night is over!

Review the final clues and “out” the murderer. Fill out the answer sheet with your best guess as to who and why they did it. The best answer receives a fabulous prize package and is named “cream of the cops”.

The KILLER is revealed and  apprehended (we hope). The mystery is explained. The prize is awarded. Guests are sent off into the dark, scary night.

So happy you can join us here in San Antonio. We love it when you share with your friends that our Murder Mystery Show is Great one. Thanks for Dining With Murder Mystery.

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